Because we understand the importance of having healthy, productive employees, Nesfield Enterprises provides services that not only educate your staff about healthy habits, but also foster activities that help them put those habits to use. In turn, your employees enjoy lower out-of-pocket medical costs alongside improved health status, job satisfaction and ability to cope with stress. 

One-on-One Personal Training

Nesfield Enterprise Corporate Wellness offers employees the opportunity to spend between 30 minutes and 1 hour with a fitness professional, who will coach them in the proper technique required to achieve goals of corrective patterning, weight loss and human performance.

Local Business Highlights

Nesfield Enterprises Corporate Wellness partners with local health and wellness businesses to share information about expanded products and services that can motivate your employees on the path to holistic wellness.

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Fitness Classes

We offer a variety of fitness classes that support a healthy work environment. Options range from flexibility and mobility classes to body weight sessions to ViPR workout classes—all with the goal of creating opportunities for employees to get active and combat the stress the body suffers from sitting a desk for eight hours each day.

Lunch & Learn

Nesfield Enterprises Corporate Wellness offers monthly opportunities for employees to learn about health and wellness and how they can make the behavioral changes necessary for supporting a healthy holistic lifestyle. Topics cater to the specific needs of your staff members and include nutrition, fitness, self-care and workplace health solutions.

Fitness and Nutritional Consultations

These sessions with a fitness professional and nutritional coach highlight the health areas in which each employee has room for improvement, addressing associated health risks employees may face as a result of their lifestyle and behaviors.

Fitness assessments address posture and movement patterns that create or lead to chronic pain and dysfunction, as well as each individual’s level of activity and fitness, to determine the potential risk of health threats like cardiovascular disease or obesity. Nutritional assessments involve a deeper investigation of the employee's daily diet intake and recommendations for nutritional food choices that could improve current dietary habits. 

Massage Services

Employees who face stress buildup in the body and a variety of overuse injuries can find relief though massage. Problems like carpal tunnel syndrome and back, neck and shoulder pain are common in office employees, and massage therapy can be a valuable solution for improving comfort and productivity.

Nesfield Enterprises Corporate Wellness offers chair massage and Active Release Techniques (ART) sessions to remedy these injuries. A soft tissue release technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves, ART massage can provide relief for various conditions including headaches, tennis elbow, sciatica and more.​​

​​​Corporate Wellness Services

​​Nesfield Enterprises Corporate Wellness program provides your company with preventative health care solutions.

Nesfield Enterprises Corporate Wellness develops cost-effective wellness programs that yield a high return on investment by catering to the specific needs of each client. These programs benefit your company by enhancing employee productivity and morale, reducing absenteeism and lowering health care costs.